Right to quit

Dear Customers, We would like to inform you that according to the Law on Consumer Protection (Official Gazette of RS, No. 62/2014) purchase through our sales website www.bebaonline.com considers distance selling.

The Law on Distance Selling establishes the right of the buyer, who is considered to be a consumer (a natural person who buys a product for the purpose of meeting his individual needs and not for the pursuit of a professional activity), to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of delivery of the product. When canceling, the buyer may, but need not state, the reasons why he / she withdraws.

In the event of termination of the contract, the consumer is entitled to a refund or exchange for another product. The price is returned to the customer upon receipt of the product, and after the product is found to be undamaged and correct.

The buyer is obliged to return the product without delay, and no later than 14 days from the date of sending the withdrawal form. After the expiry of 14 days from the date of dispatch, the product can no longer be returned.

When returning the goods, it is obligatory to return in the correct and unused condition and the original undamaged packaging, with the invoice-delivery note that the buyer has previously received with the order.

Upon receipt of the product, it will be determined whether the product is correct and undamaged. The buyer is responsible for defect or damage to the product as a result of improper handling of the product, ie. the buyer is solely responsible for the diminished value of the product resulting from the handling of the goods in a way that is not adequate, that is, exceeds what is necessary to establish its nature, characteristics and functionality. If a defect or damage to the product is found to be the fault of the buyer, the refund will be deducted and the product will be returned to him at his expense.

The trader is obliged to immediately return to the consumer the amount paid by the consumer under the contract, not later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal statement, and after receipt of the product.

The cost of returning the goods and money is borne by the buyer, except in cases where the buyer receives the defective or incorrect item.



In case of cancellation of purchase, buyer has the right to change the product for the other one or to request refund, by contacting us on our email info@bebaonline.com, in 8 days after the day of purchase. Refund can be done after we receive the article back and after we check that article is undamaged and correct.


Buyer can change purchased product on discount for other article or size, but it is not possible to get refund.


We are obligated to make refund to a buyer without hesitation in case the buyer already payed, no later then 8 days from the day of receiving the statement of cancellation, and after we get the purchased product back. Expences of return for products and money bears buyer, except in cases when buyer gets incorrect or product he didn’t bought.


Procedure for refund

You can contact us by calling us on a phone number +381644742529 or you can send us an email on info@bebaonline.com with your purchase number.


After you deliver requested informations, we will create documentation which will be forwarded to you together with the procedure for refund, on the email address you provided to us when your shopping was done on our website.
In case of refund or return of products to a buyer who made a payment by any of the credit card types, partially or full, no mather of reason of refund or return, we are obligated to make refund especially by VISA, EM-MC and MAESTRO payment method. That means that the bank on seller’s demand will make refund on the bank account of credit card owner.

Purchased article, without previous contacting and agreement with the operaters in Online store, which is described above, you can not self-innicialy send on the addresses written on the bill.


Every described article will be sent back to a buyer on his own cost.





With confirmation of purchase, by clicking on CONFIRM button, you confirm that you agreed with the terms of refund and return.

If you have any remarks, complaints, objections or else you can always contact us on our email: info@bebaonline.com






During the receivement of the package, we kindly recommend you that in presents of deliverer, you check your package. In case that you notice any visible damage (torn parts or / and crushed package) the package you should not receive the package. In that case, we kindly recommend you that you call us on a number +381 64 4742529 or send us an email with your information (full name and telephone number) on email info@bebaonline.com and specify the reason you refuse to receive the package. As soon as possible we will inform you about further procedure.


In case you receive package and after the opening the box you established that shipped product does not match with purchased product or billing information is not matching, please contact us no later than 24 hours after the receiving the package, on a phone number +381 64 4742529, every working day 08:00 – 16:00h, or send us email with your information (full name and phone number) on email info@bebaonline.com and describe what kind of problem do you have. As soon as possible, no later then 8 days of the day of receiving reclamation in writing or electronically, we will respond to a buyer on reclamation statement and we will inform you about further procedure. Deadline for resolving the reclamation is 15 days of the moment of making the reclamation statement on above described way.


In case there is any non-complience on a buyed articles, in terms of Customer protection law, please contact us on email info@bebaonline.com or calling us on a number +381 64 4742529.


In case of return of goods which is accepted during the delivery, costs of returning goods we do not bear, but cost is on the buyer.





Accepting the purchase, by clicking on CONFIRM button, you are agreed with the terms of reclamations.