Loyalty program

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The discount is valid only for members of the Baby Loyalty Club.

The right to a discount using the Baby Loyalty card is exercised exclusively on items whose price is regular. The loyalty program discount does not apply to discounted items, but purchasing these discounted items also gives you loyalty points.

Baby Loyalty Card includes a discount on the entire range. The loyalty program discount refers to the total amount of the basket, and the amount of the discount depends on the loyalty level of the user.

Points are recorded automatically after the purchase.

Collecting points creates benefits that offer the level you have achieved.

Scale with points on the basis of which the amount of the discount is determined:

Based on the collected number of points, you are entitled to a discount of that level at the time of purchase.

The points collected are added to each purchase. The transition to a higher level is automatic when a sufficient number of points is collected and the higher level discount takes effect on the next purchase.

The accounting period is performed three times a year:




At the end of each accounting period, members are reset points to the initial number of points of the level in which they were placed during the previous year and allows an initial discount of that level within the new accounting period of membership. The annual cut for the upcoming accounting period is made on June 1, 2020.


200-400 Beba 5%
401-600 Beba Girl 10%
601-800 Beba Goddess 15%
801-XXX Beba VIP 20%


WWW.BEBAONLINE.COMreserves the right to change the table of points on the basis of which the amount of the discount is determined. In the event that such changes occur, users will be notified by email or on the Loyalty Program website.

EXAMPLE FOR DISCOUNT: If you collect a total of 450 points by June 1, you will receive a 10% discount. Points are accumulated until the end of the calculation period, which lasts until June 1, 2020, when the points are reset to the initial number of points of the level you are at (in this case to 401 points). The biggest possible discount that a Baby Loyalty card user can get is 20%.

If you do not make a purchase through the web shop www.bebaonline.com within a period of one year, or during one billing period, membership in the Baby Loyalty Club is automatically canceled and all points are deleted.

The member can check the number of points and the level reached in the user profile within the Loyalty Club.

Points that enable discounts and their use can only be earned by purchasing through the web shop www.bebaonline.com

By joining the Beba Loyalty program, you agree to all terms and conditions, which include sending informative and promotional messages via e-mail.

All information related to the current number of loyalty points in your account, the current level of loyalty program, the discount you get, as well as the table of items and the number of points you earn by buying them, you can see on the “Loyalty club” tab within the “My account” page.