We deliver to home address for all orders in the territory of the Republic of Serbia in cooperation with the courier service Post Express.

Delivery of orders will be charged according to the valid Post Express courier pricelist, which together with the conditions can be viewed at the following link

Delivery of goods is 1-5 business days.

The courier takes the delivery to the address by 12h, and if you do not like the delivery time in the morning, you can emphasize in the note by 7pm.



When creating an order, you can choose a POST EXPORT service or DHL service.

If you decide to deliver via POST EXPORT, the shipping cost for Europe is 15 EUR, and for the other countries is 25 EUR.

You can check the expected delivery time for each country here


If you decide to deliver via DHL courier, the cost of sending a shipment to all countries is:

Up to 5 items ordered = 27.5 EUR

6-11 items ordered = 36.5 EUR

12-18 items ordered = 57.85 EUR

19-35 items ordered = 73.8 EUR

36-51 items ordered = 110 EUR

52-83 items ordered = 202 EUR


You can check the expected delivery time for each country here

We send shipments via DHL on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS, and if someone wants to send them on that day (must place an order by 08:30h, according to European time measurement), or the next day, the additional cost is 40 EUR.

Free shipping for orders worth 200 EUR or more.



Delivery time shown is for informational purposes only. I do not guarantee the delivery time indicated in the table. During security checks, the shipment may be delayed for security checks longer than expected, which delays the scheduled due time.

Please keep in mind that the shipment may be subject to your local customs import taxes. For more information on that, please contact your local customs office.