About us


Who we are?

Baby Lingerie is a young fashion brand of lingerie and swimwear, founded in 2017, which stood out in our market with unique designs, quality and affordable luxury it provides.
The founder of the brand is Kadrija Rušitović, born in Belgrade, 04.01.1990. Graduated from the College of Textile Design, technology and management in 2016, as a professional designer in the field of applied arts and design – Textile and clothing design.

What characterizes the design of this brand are materials such as lace, silk and plush combined with ribbons, challenging cuts and embroidery, and this is what sets it apart from other laundry manufacturers in our market, as well as the availability of such exclusive and unique products at affordable price. The brand operates and sells products through an online platform (site and social network) and through collaboration with concept stores selling Serbian design brands whose aesthetics range from street style to luxurious and exclusive creations. The goal is to create a strong brand of high recognition. When it comes to design, good value for money and interaction with consumers, all to allow everyone to get an exclusive, durable product at one click and at an affordable price that makes every woman feel sensual and seductive and in the most relaxed outfit.

What does our average customer profile looks like?

It is a girl or young woman between the ages of 16 and 35 (the primary target group) who lives in Belgrade (or another city in Serbia or the region).

She communicates through social networks where she finds inspiration for online shopping, fashion combinations, hairstyle, makeup. In a sea of ​same make up and dressed women, she wants to be authentic, that her styling and the way she chooses her style emphasize her sensuality, self-awareness, strong spirit, ambition and courage.

She wants to feel equally beautiful in a short dress and in tracksuits, oversize the wardrobe. She loves natural materials and laundry that emphasize her sensibility and subtlety, while at the same time giving her strength and emphasizing her energy for a life, a career, a well-being and a desire to carve out her own little world where she can be her own and happy. She is bold, sensual, sophisticated. Independent and strong, but seductive and gentle in nature. She wants everything in this “fast” lifestyle to be easily and quickly accessible, but also to enjoy the magic of drinking coffee with friends, long conversations and the time she gives herself.

Her fashion style could be described as the chic minimalism colors that dominate her wardrobe are subtle and simple and minimalism as a way of life and looking at different situations but always with a touch of chic and sensuality (eg the challenging cuts on a brush that protrude from her oversize sweater ).


What distinguishes the Baby Lingerie product is its authentic design: lace elements, straps, challenging cuts, plush and silk materials aimed at young women and presented on social media as affordable luxury that is available quickly and easily and offers the effect of exclusivity and modern design at the same time, all packed in a luxury branded box with a distinctive logo and black and gold elements.


As noted above, Baby Lingerie offers quality product with authentic design and affordable price, which further facilitates the customer’s purchasing decision. What it offers is affordable luxury that is accessible to everyone, easily and quickly through shopping on social networks, concept stores and the website.


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